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Important Announcement


November 13, 2020

Dear members of Christ Lutheran,

In a meeting this evening our board of elders along with congregation president Chris Randall and Pastor Chuck made the decision to temporarily suspend all in-person activities of our church including the worship service.  We are making this decision based on the locally escalating COVID case numbers but more importantly because there is some strain taking place in our local healthcare system.  Now is a time to be cautious and take a breather and see how the next two or three weeks play out.  We would rather be cautious than later regretting not acting sooner.

Our elders will be meeting at least weekly over this time and constantly re-evaluating our local situation.  We will be producing a weekly video worship service as we did during our first closure which will be available Sundays on both our church website and our church YouTube channel.

We are hopeful to still be together for Advent, but we will make all decisions based on the situation locally.  Please exercise great caution in these next days and weeks, we seem to be entering a critical phase of this illness as a State and even locally, and we care deeply about each member of our flock.

May the God of all comfort bring us peace, healing and mercy in the days to come and please continue to pray for our healthcare workers and teachers every day!

In Christ,

Christ Lutheran Board of Elders

Pastor Chuck Hoffman