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Resumption of In-Person Worship


Grace and mercy to you all!

The season of Advent is a beautiful time in our devotional life as Christians.  It is time to gather once again as the body of Christ.  As we resume in-person worship we would like to emphasize these three points:

1) If you are sick or ill even in the absolute slightest of ways please stay home.  With this particular illness very mild cases that can seem like nothing but the common cold can still spread significant illness to others. 

2) We strongly encourage those who are in vulnerable groups due to age or health condition to worship from home especially over these next few weeks as there is still community spread of the virus taking place.  This is everyone's personal decision but we certainly understand and encourage people to be cautious.

3) Mask wearing is strongly encouraged.

We will also continue to have the Saturday 6:30 PM worship under the stricter social distancing measures for those who are more comfortable in that setting.  For more information on that please check the events section of the website, or ask Pastor Chuck.  Also, for the time being congregational singing will not take place at all the worship services.

As we cautiously resume in-person worship other activities such as Bible Study will continue to be suspended so as to limit both the number of people and the amount of time spent in an indoor group setting.  This virus is real and it does pose risk.  Everyone should weigh that risk given their own circumstances.  Please be mindful of others throughout this time.

We will try to have a true live-stream of our worship service soon, stay tuned for that.